Wake up. A wave of hot air. One more day.

This song is a story about a woman with a past.

Guess I’ll do what I can around the house first, then I’ll go.

When you have a past that you’re forced to confront every day (be it in the mirror, or in the eyes of those crossing your path) you retreat and start building walls. The walls of your personal fortress. Lucky for her, some stones were already handy: the stones of a society in which women don’t speak to men unless they’re family; where different ethnicities do not interact, and outcasts are just that – out on their own, dead to the rest of the world.

Sometimes she wonders why she even bothers avoiding the other women. I mean, really, is it worth the trouble? Yet of course it is. She’ll take the dry heat and blazing sun anytime.

Same routine, for as long as she can remember… Until one day, her walls are breached through a crazy, loving, outrageous gesture by a crazy, loving, outrageous person (there was this great guy who hung out in Palestine some 2000 years ago, teaching and breaking rules, maybe you’ve heard of him?). She spots a figure in the distance.

Who could possibly be out here at this time of day?

Nothing would ever be the same after that encounter.

I wrote this tune a couple of years ago, and am delighted it’s been brought to life by this amazing band! It was one of the first songs we ever played, back at the jam session that brought us together. Featuring the incredible Yotam Ben Or on harmonica, Bam Bam Rodriguez on bass and Francesco De Rubeis on drums. Enjoy!

Kis Kece Lányom – Asaran Earth Trio

A haunting Hungarian folk song arranged by Asaran’s Artemisz Polonyi. Captured live by Francesco Moretti, in the crypt of a church in Trento, Italy.

Two summer tours later…

50 days, two tours and 8 countries later, I’m finally back in NYC. It was such an incredible experience to travel with these two projects that are so close to me; first sharing my music in the north of Italy with wonderful Italian musicians (Achille Succi on reeds, Stefano Dallaporta on bass and Andrea Grillini on drums), and then with the lovely Asaran Earth Trio, singing, clapping, drumming and shaking all over the place with Artemisz Polonyi and Astrid Kuljanic.

Here are some pictures from both tours – many of the Asaran Pictures were taken by the incredible italian photographer Francesco Moretti. Europe, I’ll see you again very soon!

New video from summer travels: Kis Kece Lányom

We were so fortunate to be able to record some videos while on tour – this is one of them! In the beautiful crypt of a church in the region of Trento, in the north of Italy, we got to sing Artemisz Polonyi’s arrangement of this haunting Hungarian folk song. Captured live by Francesco Moretti.

“Eros Psyche and Achilles Walk into a Bar”

A fun last night of our 2016 Italian tour, playing a composition I dedicated to Achille Succi. Featuring the man himself on bass clarinet, Stefano Dallaporta on bass and Andrea Grillini on drums.