Last stop: Siena

The most beautiful city in the world (in my humble opinion!) housed our closing concert. We had a wonderful time playing at Cacio e Pere, and hanging out with everyone at Piazza il Campo afterwards! Hoping to be back soon! Ciao for now, Italia : )


LUME Milano: a student-occupied church crypt

Next on our list was the Laboratorio Universitario MEtropolitano in Milan. It is basically an old church taken over by university students, and we got to play underground, where they have performances every week. What a cool space, and great energy from the crowd! More amazing shots by Francesco Moretti, and we even got to jam with the locals at the end!

up on the mountains: Crosano – province of Trento

Next we trekked up (literally) to the province of Trento, in the very north of Italy. We performed at the Circolo Culturale Crosano, in a building that used to house a school. The amazing Francesco Moretti joined us at this point and took these beautiful shots.

First stop: Rome

Rome was the home of our first two shows in our Italy winter tour. We had an amazing time playing inside a converted 1930’s tram that took us and our audience around town, stopping in front of historic spots (ahem, the colosseum, anyone?). The next evening we played for an enthusiastic audience at Ballad Cafe. The food of course was amazing at both locations 😉